Fall 2016 WRITE CLUB Groups

Check for your group, and then follow the directions on today’s (9/1) post to read your groupmate’s blogs and make appropriate comments on them.  Note that your comments will NOT immediately show up as I have to approve them individually.

1st hour

  • Caedon B., Marisela B., TaQuia J., Sarah M.
  • Chase J., Tori B., Ivonne L., Emilee P.
  • Alex M., Megan B., Louren M., Hannah S.
  • Leo N., Ryan W., Adri B., Hannah M.
  • Will O., Haley C., Josey S.
  • Parker S., Matt W., Alexus C., Ashley P.
  • Dominik T., Savanah G., Lexi C., Salena S.
  • Jeinner V., Nicole H., Madeline S., Rachel W.

2nd hour

  • Brian A., Megan B., Dakota S., Sara P.
  • David D., Skylar D., Kayla Z., Skyler S.
  • Corey H., Jaxon C., Olivia P., Taylor R.
  • Andrew H., Derek L., Audrey J., Holly Z.
  • Josh J., Ben P., Autumn K., Paeton P.
  • Ian J., Luke W., Mariah M., Mona Z.
  • Alex L., Marissa H., Rebecca L., Ashley R., Megan W.

7th hour

  • Hannah B., Josh R., Kendrick W., Carter R.
  • Lynsey B., Natalie O., Dylan B., Eli S.
  • Claire A., Chris R., Austin P.
  • Fatima B., Nathan T., Reed H., Jimmy B.
  • Kennedi C., Kameron M., Jon B., Jacob G.
  • Desteny J., Grace N., David K.
  • Kirsten K., Jake J., Kariem A., Luke D.

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