English 7A – Thursday, September 1st

Book talk.  SWIC registration paperwork.  “Writing Theories” ideas & notes.  Quickwrite #6:  What’s in the Box?

New assignments:

  • Skyward Quiz (parts of speech) will open at end of day and remain open until the close of Monday night 9/5.  Use your notes, phone a friend, but be sure to take it. (If you can’t get in Skyward, let Mrs. C know on FRIDAY.  No excuses next week!)
  • WRITE CLUB groups will be online (HERE) at end of today.  Check to see who is in your group.  THEN, go to the class blog and read your fellow group member’s reader/writer statements.  COMMENT on each by leaving a response-type commentary (like a conversation, not a “good job” and NOT comments about member’s writing, just about the content.  Be meaningful, but honest).  Note that comments WON’T show up immediately like blog posts; they have to await Mrs. C’s approval.  Comments are due by end of day Monday 9/5.

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