English 8 – Wednesday, May 10th

Indie Read

STUDY: “Take With You” – a recap of what we learned about writing this semester

TO-DO: End of Semester survey and permission – find this on GClassroom and take the survey TODAY!!

DEADLINE: Grade Pitch – due no later than end of day Thursday 5/11 (video in Flip.com – link on GClassroom)

TOMORROW: English 8 Final Exam – BE HERE! and bring a chromebook


  • Spring Portfolio was due in Dropbox yesterday 5/9
  • Notebook Tours were due as a video in Flip.com no later than end of day Sunday 5/7
  • SENIORS WRITE! papers were due Monday 5/1
  • If your Multi-Genre Research Paper/Project is NOT completed and submitted, be SURE to communicate with Mrs. C about that!!

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