English 8 – Friday, April 14th

Indie Read

STUDY: MG Project “checklist,” Order of Impact, and one-doc/page-break demo

WRITE TIME ⏳for work on MG Project

BONUS WATCH: “The art of letting go . . . of the floor” by Siawn Ou (TED Talk)


  • MG Project Mark #2 due in-class 4/17 or 4/1 8– Mark #2 includes everything from Mark #1 + your poem and at least two more pieces/genres of your choosing
  • FULL MG Project due no later than end of day 4/19

PAST DUE: MG Project Mark #1 due in-class Thursday 4/13– Mark #1 includes your 2-3 p research argument (was due 3/28), flash fiction (no more than 500 words – in-class 3/30), photo essay (in-class 3/31) & 1 additional piece of your choosing.

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