English 8 – Friday, March 31st

Quickwrites #28 & #29: Genre Experiment (2 of 3) – bio/character sketch – OR – interview questions – OR – sales advertisement

STUDY: Intro to the Photo Essay (graphic that helps you plan one on GClassroom as material – under MG EXTRAS)

WRITE TIME ⏰for work on your photo essay

ASSIGN: Write your photo essay in a Word doc in your Dropbox drafts folder. Somehow, it should be connected or related to the topic you chose for your research argument (the one that was due Wednesday). Keep in mind that the essay needs the picture and the picture should need the essay. Preferred if you take a picture yourself – but also okay to find a great stock photo [just make sure you credit where you found it]. Name the doc something that indicates it is your photo essay.


  • MG Project Mark #1 due in-class Tuesday 4/11 – Mark #1 includes your 2-3 p research argument (was due 3/28), flash fiction (no more than 500 words – in-class 3/30), photo essay (in-class 3/31) & 1 additional piece of your choosing.
  • FULL MG Project due no later than end of day 4//19

PAST DUE: Draft #5 – Research Argument due in Dropbox was due 3/28


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