Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, March 21st

Read Aloud – Ideas Are All Around by Philip C. Stead

Indie Read

Quickwrite #26: Interest Inventory Questions #1

STUDY: Intro to what’s next. Why multi-genre? Read excerpts from “Teaching the Research Paper” by Bruce Ballenger from Nuts & Bolts (you can find this text and a video read-through on today’s GClassroom stream), history of multi-genre in room 251 & example paper(s)

ASSIGNMENT: Hamlet Group Work Survey in GClassroom – complete by Friday 3/24


  • Memory Book Short (4th/final) due anytime between 3/19 & 4/1
  • Spring Book Talk – 3/28 – 5/11 (sign up in room 251)

PAST DUE: Group Rhetorical Analysis – Hamlet Film Scene Study was due yesterday

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