Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, January 26th

Book Talk & Indie Read

STUDY: Research Time ⏰ Get thinking, reading, and making notes for your cited commentary paper. Today’s goals – a big idea, read and/or add sources (from the provided ones – you’ll end up using 3 or 4), and make notes as needed.

IMPORTANT: If you missed the online Quickwrite #12 or the video about the new writing assignment on yesterday’s e-learning day, go back and check them out.

PAST DUE: Take a photo of your BEST 4-part note page (of the 8 you should have in your notebook) submit it in GClassroom where appropriate – was due Monday 1/23

UPCOMING/REMINDER: Hamlet is on the horizon. We’ll start reading it sometime in the week of February 6th. I recommend your own personal copy, so go out there and find a Hamlet.


“Googling Strangers” by John Green from The Anthropocene Reviewd podcast link here ▶️https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/anthropocene-reviewed/episodes/episode-3-googling-strangers-and-kentucky-bluegrass

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