English 8 – Tuesday, January 24th

Book Talk & Indie Read


  • MLA Format – practical set-up of an MLA template in your Dropbox drafts folder. See the tab above “MLA Format Set-Up” for review or if you missed class.
  • Adding commentary in MSWord practice – join the practice folder in Dropbox, open the sample paper in Word and use the Review tab to practice adding a comment for the writer.

DEADLINE: Draft #1 due as a Word doc in your Dropbox drafts folder no later than end of day Wednesday 1/25


  • Letter to the teachers was due in Dropbox Monday 1/16. Find assignment details above at the “English 8 Writing Assignments” tab or on last Wednesday’s class post (or there are now physical copies of the assignment available in class – ask Mrs. C) – MAKE SURE THESE are detailed enough . . . more than just a few sentences.
  • Survey questions about your upcoming draft (indelible moment) – Find this on yesterday’s GClassroom and share your thinking.

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