Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, January 11th

Book Talk & Indie Read

STUDY/NOTES: MLA Citation Basics – cont’d (find these slides & a video talk-through in GClassroom as material – start about 07:45 in the video today)

Quickwrite/Notebook #4: Read “11:20” by Michael Paterniti from Love and Other Ways of Dying. Then take some notes / do some thinking using a 4-part note structure. (“They Say” – summarize what it’s about. Quote – quote something vebatim. I Say – react with your own commentary. Question – think big picture, what do you wonder? how can you make this relevant?)

TO-DO: Finish these notes for class tomorrow. Read something awesome.

**Figure out your e-storm account if you haven’t yet. See Mrs. C if you are still having issues.

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