Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, November 17th

Student Book Talk

CHECKLIST/NOTEBOOK: Check your own rhetorical analysis for feature components – Then use this page throughout WRITE CLUB to make any notes you’d like about what work you need to do on this piece

WRITE CLUB – Writing #6 rap rhetorical analysis paper – bless, address, & press – then decide what you’ll do with the feedback

UPCOMING: Tomorrow we will add works cited pages to our papers – MLA Style.


  • Submission #2 due in BOTH Dropbox & Flip no later than end of day 11/7
  • Writing #6 – part 1 select & annotate due in Dropbox (see tech directions) no later than end of day 11/13
  • Book Talk preparation due whatever day you signed up for 🙂
  • Writing #6 – part II write the analysis due in Dropbox no later than end of day 11/16

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