Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, October 19th

Book Talk & Indie Read


  • “Lead” from A Writer Teaches Writing by Don Murray – make a notepage (in hour 2 we did this explicitly – in other hours we made some quick annotations & students will need go back a make a quick notepage using them)
  • “In the Beginning” from Crafting Authentic Voice by Tom Romano – a read aloud + vote (in GClassroom) on the best beginning as Romano experiments and tries several options for a quick piece he wrote (hour 2 students will need to do this on your own – see today’s GClassroom stream – other hours we did this in-class)

ASSIGNMENT/EXPERIMENT: Revisit at least 2 quickwrites in your notebook and try writing* 2 more beginning options for them. Do not erase your original opening, just draw arrows and write new ones below. *Use a different colored pen if you want.

DEADLINE: Writing #5 – QW or MB (the one you didn’t do last time) due in Dropbox drafts no later than end of day 10/26 (that’s one week from today)

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