Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, September 7th

Book Talk & Indie Read

Quickwrite #9: Listing – complete as many of these lists as you can in 4 minutes or so

STUDY/READ/THINK: “The Essayification of Everything” by Christy Wampole (link below for the full version)


ASSIGN: Read sample college app essays that got students accepted to Harvard & Stanford. Make notices on a post-it and bring them to class tomorrow (not critiques – notices…like what do they do?) You can find the essays on GClassroom under material to reread and study them more closely.

TO DO (if you haven’t yet): Set up a personal Twitter account (do not use school email) for tweeting about your reads. We’ll use these to connect our separate hours by tweeting about the books we read, tagging authors when we loved or appreciated their work. You’ll FOLLOW @ReadWarriors, tag @ReadWarriors, & use #warriorsread in all your posts.

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