Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, August 23rd

Book Talks & Indie Read.

Quickwrite #4: “Why Grades Shouldn’t Exist” – Alfie Kohn

SWIC: Either apply for a SWIC ID# or lookup your SWIC ID#. Use the link (under links on this site) “Apply to SWIC” to access your # or sign-up. You’ll need your Social Security #. Be sure to use a NON-SCHOOL email address.

DROPBOX: Sign up for Dropbox and share folders with Mrs. C. Find directions at the tab above labeled “DROPBOX SETUP.” Be sure to read the directions – don’t guess! Use a NON-SCHOOL email address.


  • Send your SWIC ID# to Mrs. C via email
  • Finish your Dropbox sign-up and folder share
  • Take the grades survey (on GClassroom) if you haven’t yet
  • Read something awesome!

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