English 8 – Tuesday, February 1st

Read Aloud & Indie Read

RECAP: Yesterday’s notetaking on “Clues to a Great Story”

STUDY: Read Like a Writer – add the slide to your notebook (hardcopy) and practice reading like a writer with the text from Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak (taped into the notebook – work there)

PAST DUE: Draft/Writing #2 – Indelible Moment was due in Dropbox Drafts no later than end of day Sunday 1/30 (You’ll need this draft later this week!!)

IMPORTANT E-LEARNING INFO: IF school is called for weather, there will be e-learning on those days. This is not quite the same as our full remote schedule, but also isn’t a “snow day” of nothing (it does count as a school day). For E-learning, check the GClassroom stream for instructions on how to check in, what to work on, and how to contact teachers for live/email assistance.

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