Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, January 28th

Indie Read w/ padlet check-in (add a new post-it to the top of your column to show your reading progress).

Take the quick Illinois CTE survey (find it in today’s GClassroom stream).

RESEARCH TIME: 1. think about what big idea/question you want to explore (within the range of topics mentioned in the source materials) 2. reread / extend your reading to more sources 3. make notes as needed to both collect & further your thinking 4. decide on a topic/issue that you will use for focus 5. know which 2-4 sources have the most potential for citing and be familiar with them


  • Cited Commentary & Response – ideas/sources (parts I & II) selected by Monday 1/31 & draft with citations (part III) due in Dropbox no later than Wednesday 2/2.
  • Memory Book Short (your 1st of 4) due no later than end of day Sunday 2/6. Be sure to check the directions on what it is, how to turn it in, etc. on the memory book assignment sheet.

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