Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, December 10th

Indie Read w/ padlet update

NOTES: lesser/small punctuation (if you missed class, find these on today’s GClassroom stream) – for more examples/explanation visit thepunctuationguide.com

SEMESTER WRAP-UP: details on the notebook tour, portfolio, & grade pitch (be prepared to use “lab” time next week to be productive)


  • Notebook Tour – your Flipgrid video tour is due no later than end of day Monday 12/13
  • Fall Portfolio 2021 – your finalized (and super-clean) portfolio including your reflective letter & abstracts is due in Dropbox no later than end of day Thursday 12/16
  • Grade Pitch – your thoughtful and accurate grade pitch video is due in Flipgrid no later than 2pm Sunday 12/19 (these directions are on the portfolio handout)

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