Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, October 22nd

Book Talk & Indie Read & update reading post-it in padlet (I forgot to announce this 1st hour).

READ/STUDY/NOTES: “End” from Donald Murray’s A Writer Teaches Writing (you can find a pdf on today’s GClassroom stream).

Also recommended – “And In the End” from Tom Romano’s Crafting Authentic Voice

STUDY: And That’s a Wrap…. a look at “real” endings with your WRITE CLUB group. How can you start to diversify the ways you choose to end?


  • PAST DUE!!! Sumbit your QW #19 as a scan or photo on GClassroom no later than end of TWO DAYS AGO!!
  • Writing #5 – QW or MB (the “opposite” of what you wrote for draft #3) due no later than end of day Tuesday 10/26

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