English 9/10 – Tuesday, September 7th

Book Talk & Indie Read.

Quickwrite #7: Cartoon Cop Images (you can find this slide on today’s GClassroom) – choose any image and see where it takes you. Write something real or make something up = you can’t be wrong; it’s YOUR notebook.

Watch the video below as an intro for the book we’ll be reading in class over the next couple of weeks.

Start All American Boys by Jason Reynolds & Brendan Kiely. If you missed class, you can find a pdf to help you catch up posted as material in GClassroom). We read to the break on page 15.

REMINDER: Stay caught up on work in your notebooks. If you have missed class, be sure to check previous posts on the website (just the ones labeled “English 9/10” to figure out the entries you haven’t done yet).

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