English 9/10 – Tuesday, August 31st

Read Aloud – The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. Indie read.

Quickwrite #5 – Indie read question cards… If you missed class, just write for 4 minutes about your independent read. How’s it going? What’s happening in your book?

Read Like a Writer (RLaW) practice – “Sometimes the Earth is Cruel” Op. Ed from The Miami Herald Jan. 2010 by Leonard Pitts, Jr. Read through it and using your RLaW half-sheet (it’s in your notebook) find and label at least 5 notices of the writer’s technique, craft, and/or choices.


  • PAST DUE (but you can always turn in work – no deductions) WRITING #1 – LETTER – submit as a Google doc in GClassroom (Assignment sheet available in GClassroom & under the English 9/10 Writing Assignment tab above).

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