Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, April 19th / Wednesday, April 21st

STUDY: Let’s talk threads/unifying elements.

SHARE: WRITE CLUB commentary & feedback on MG work you’ve done so far. (Meet your group members where they are.) Use the slides on GClassroom to guide your feedback process.

CREATE: Additional work time if available. Keep writing (in the same document [eitherMSWord or GDocs] that you are already working in)! Make sure to note any required pieces you haven’t yet written.

DEADLINES & REMINDERS: Next MG Target is MARK #2 due 4/25 – with 13-17 pages complete (contract A). Keep working in the same doc and when you reach this target, change the document name from Mark #1 to Mark #2.

PAST DUE: MG Research Design (but if you have ideas, skip it and write your paper!) & mark#1 but keep moving forward.

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