Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, April 12th / Wednesday, April 14th

WRITE: Quickwrites #22 & #23 – Choose 2 of 3 genres – biography/character sketch, interview ?s, sales ad

STUDY: Reader engagement and rhetorical appeals – a look at how narrative and strong writing binds time and keeps readers hooked.

EXTRA READ: Check out this short article to connect brain science with the ideas we just studied.

WORK TIME:  Get started/keep writing! Take those research design ideas and create some pieces of your project/paper. Work in any order that suits you and let the ideas loose on the page. (Keep your work as ONE document – it will have to be eventually anyway – use the page break function to start new pieces.)

DEADLINES & REMINDERS: Next MG Target is MARK #1 due 4/18 – with 6-8 pages complete (contract A) – which pages are up to you.

*Special Note: The MG assignment is the ONE time you may use Google docs if you’d like. I realize if you don’t have access to full MSWord, the online version is kind of limiting in how it allows you to design (e.g. adding pictures, graphics, fonts, colors, etc.). So, Gdocs is okay – but still put all assignments in Dropbox. Do NOT submit to GClassroom.

PAST DUE: Research Design – if you are stuck at this step, get to it pronto! Contact Mrs. C if you don’t know what’s going on.

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