Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, March 15th / Wednesday, March 17th

READ:  Read aloud Ideas Are All Around by Philip C. Stead.

WRITE (PRE-VIEW):  Quick intro to Multi-genre writing.  Why Multi-genre?  And what is it?

STUDY:  1-on-1 breakouts to check your MLA citations in the CCR paper. While this conferring occurs, it is up to YOU to visit the Flipgrid for Multi-Genre Class of 2021 and to check out the examples under the topic “Multi-genre Examples.”  Watch the “What to Notice” video first and then skip around as you’d like.  There are 16 student-written examples to give you a broad perspective on what can be done with this assignment. (Join Code on the GClassroom stream today).

WATCH:  Check out the video about MLA citations in your BOOK CLUB ANALYSIS paper.  It takes you through setting up your Works Cited page with how-to for your book club book, the textbook reference, CrashCourse videos, and TED talks.  Also sidenotes for how to in-text cite each of these as well.  Please watch to strengthen your understanding and to avoid frivolous mistakes. (Video attached to GClassroom stream today & added to the BCA assignment.)

DEADLINES & REMINDERS:  BOOK CLUB CRIT LIT ANALYSIS (see the video talk-through on yesterday’s GClassroom).

  • Full Draft with citations no later than end of day Friday 3/19
  • Flipgrid screenshare read aloud for your WRITE CLUB group no later than end of day Sunday 3/21 (find the topic in your WRITE CLUB group Flipgrid)


  • Crit. Lit. ideas due Sunday 3/14 (YESTERDAY)

UPCOMING:  This week we’ll be writing our book club analysis papers, meeting individiually about your MLA citations progress, and getting a glimpse at what’s ahead after spring break – the multi-genre research project/paper. ❤

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Anyone attending in-person THIS week will NEED headphones.  Please bring some!!!

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