Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, February 23rd / Thursday, February 25th

WRITE: Quickwrite #12 – Choose one of the two following quotes.  Then spend 3 minutes in your notebook developing your own thoughts.

“There is no good and evil.  There is only power, and those too weak to seek it.” – Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

“Can’t seem to shake these vultures / off my tail / Power made by power being taken / so I keep on running to protect my situation” – John Mayer “Vultures” from Continuum

STUDY:  Critical Lit Theory – Sociological Lenses of Feminism, Marxism, Post-Colonialism through the video clips below

CREATE/SHARE:  Breakout (for whoever is in the same hour w/ the same books) Rooms & Padlet Board creation for BOOK CLUB reads.  Use your Notebook Page #1 to create post-its and to comment on/like the post-its of classmates.  Build together, discuss together, what makes this book tick?  What surprised you? Work within the confines of the first target – no spoilers.  (You received an email with the password for your padlet board.  Links on that email or below. Be sure to SIGN IN to Padlet so your name appears on your posts & commentary).


  • Target #2 for BOOK CLUB – Tuesday 3/2 (see slides on GClassroom for target page #s) & prepare Notebook Page #2 for class 3/2 (3/4 for 4th hour ONLY)
  • Memory Book Short #3 window is now open.  Due in Dropbox no later than end of day Friday 3/5
  • Don’t forget to check out the feedback from your WRITE CLUB on your CCR papers (use it as needed/wanted to make stronger papers)


  • Memory Book Short #2 was due 2/19 (submit it in Dropbox submissions in the “memory book shorts” folder)
  • Commenting on group members’ CCR papers in both Dropbox/Word and Flipgrid (overdue but some students turned papers in late)

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