Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, January 11th / Wednesday, January 13th

Update Padlet (as we’ll do the first day of class each week & also on Fridays this semester).

READ:  Book talk.

WRITE: Quickwrite #3 – “11:20” by Michael Paterniti from Love and Other Ways of Dying (2 parts: a 2 minute react/respond/think & a 2 minute RLaW – use your notes from last semester) 1120 – Michael Paterniti PDF

STUDY:  4-part notetaking:  how to approach information as you research, before you decide what you will argue, write, or say (for sure) – Notes slide on GClassroom (add them to your notebook).

Binge – Tyler Oakley

Feminism – Roxane Gay

In Our Genes – Hannah Moskowitz

The One Who Defines Me – Aisha Saeed

CREATE/PRACTICE:  Read an essay and practice 4-part notes (in our writer’s notebooks as 4Part#1)  *If you missed class, choose any one of the 4 essays above and complete a practice notepage after reading it.

DEADLINE/ASSIGN:  Student Booktalks – BookTalk Notebook-Flipgrid Assignment  due no later than end of day Monday 1/18 (no school that day)


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