Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, January 5th / Wednesday, January 6th

Welcome to 2nd semester!

READ:  Read Aloud –  Also an Octopus by Maggie Tokuda-Hall & Benji Davies

WRITE:  (Use your same notebook & be sure you start a NEW page for each QW. You can use backs of pages, just don’t double-up by putting multiple QWs on the same page.)

  • Quickwrite #1 – Your Hand (trace it and then spend 3 minutes writing about your hand(s) and whatever feels relevant)
  • Quickwrite #2 – “Hands” by Sarah Kay (watch the video and then write for 3 minutes in response, reaction, just thoughts, whatever) Hands Sarah Kay PDF

STUDY:  A recap of last semester + where we’re headed next.  See the slides attached to the GClassroom post if you missed class.

TO DO:  Take the three question survey about WRITE CLUB that is posted on GClassroom TODAY!!  (We will be looking at some of this info together, so be specific and be real.)

UPCOMING:  I’ll see some of you on Thursday (4th hour) and watch for Friday’s check-in instructions & syllabus video.

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