Wednesday, May 13th – ALL CLASSES

Hopefully, this post finds you with your final projects finalized and submitted in Dropbox.  (If not, get to that, I have grades to turn in!)  To those of you that worked and worked despite this stay-at-home, thank you.  You made my job worthwhile.  To those of you that just did the best you could – keep on keepin’ on – I understand.  Maybe we live in a society that stifles this too much – that tells us to bottle up feelings – but know, seniors, I love you all. Really.


QW EXTRA CREDIT INFO:  Show me your notebook entries virtually for bonus points. (Check your class Flipgrid).  KEEP YOUR NOTEBOOKS!  (They are yours.  Put them in a drawer or a closet or something.  You won’t believe how interesting they will be in a few years, when you can revisit your 17-year-old self).  Quickwrite evidence due by end of Thursday 5/14.

IT’S NOT TOO LATE  to turn in booktalks and/or MG Presentations.

VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS: I will STILL hold these tomorrow if you are running behind and still need to catch up on work.  Stop by with questions if needed.

TURN IN BOOKS:  If you have classroom library books, copies of Hamlet,  or book club reads that you missed turning in, please drop them off at the high school office.  This week is turn in with scheduled times, but they will be open next Monday – Wednesday from 7:30 – 11am, too.  KEEP YOUR NOTEBOOKS!

SURVEY: Please fill out the end of course survey.  You can link on Google classroom or through the email you will get later today (I will be recording in Skyward who has completed the survey & I’d love to get them all back by 5/13).

GRADES: Be patient with your teachers where grades are concerned.  First, they aren’t final until Monday morning 5/18.  Second, teachers have had to make all sorts of adaptations to find ways to record in their gradebooks who is completing work and what is missing and how that impacts your grade, while knowing that performance on new work can’t lower the grade you had previous to remote learning, but it can improve your grade.  So, expect a few ups and downs and know that we are/I am taking the time to get this right.

END OF YEAR WRAP-UP:  I made a video that puts together the concepts we learned this year (or some this semester English 8).  I’d love it if you took the time to check it out and see how you will/can use what you learned in college and beyond.


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