English 8 – Monday, May 4th

Quickwrite #29:  Watch What’s Your Biggest Regret and use it as inspiration for writing.  Either answer the question yourself or just comment on the video itself or the things it maybe makes you realize…

DEADLINE:  By end of day Monday 5/4 (TODAY!), I need your FINALMG.  Use this week to finish up, get feedback, ask questions, finalize (this means save as PDF* and fill out your checklist to correspond with your final copy), and make your Flipgrid presentation. Finalizing details just a few posts back and videos w/ e8mg20 flipcode

*If you only use Word Online and don’t have this capability, make sure it is ready to go and drop Mrs. C an email.  I’ll convert it for you.


1.  Name the document “LastnameFINALMG”  – not complete or done or document or Mark#2
2. Convert it to a PDF (*OR if you are working only in free Wordonline – let me know and I will convert it for you)
3. Fill out the checklist and rename it “LastnameMGChecklist” – make sure to fill in the page #s so I know where to find things
4.  Complete your flipgrid presentation with flipcode e8mg20 in the MG Presentations topic


THEN WHAT?: (REPOST) LAST/SENIOR PROJECT – info on the Seniors Write! portfolio style project (remote learning style).  See the handout here SENIORSWRITEeng8 *or on the SPRING2020 tab above and watch a video talk through with flipcode e8mg20 (check the new topic Seniors Write!). This project is due no later than the end of day Tuesday 5/12. (Basically, you write 4 short papers about yourself – one a day and you’re done in four days – or all at once.  Either way, there’s not much left after that).

*If you don’t remember how to make a new folder, etc. in Dropbox, check the quick tutorial on the flipgrid. (I’ll also post later a quick tutorial on what your SENIORS WRITE 2020 folder should look like when completed). UPDATE:  posted.


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