Rhetoric & Comp & English 8 – Tuesday, March 17th

Welcome to distance learning.  We can do this!  Let’s get started with a couple of simple things.

  1. Indie read (read for 15 to 20 minutes).
  2. Quickwrite (#30 for RC102 & #17 for English 8):  Complete the first set of questions we taped into our notebooks yesterday.  There are no wrong answers; they’re about YOU!  If you weren’t in class, access the questions here:  QW interest prompt DAY1 as PDF
  3. Use time today to finish ongoing work.
    • Rhetoric & Comp: This means work on finalizing your Hamlet papers so we don’t have to think about Hamlet for awhile. (You could even message your group and work online at the same time.)   AND… if you still need to write some memory book shorts, you could get started on that.
    • English 8: This means if you didn’t finish DRAFT#4 (the review/reflection) on Friday, do so.  Don’t forget to add a works cited page.  AND… if you still didn’t finish any of the three previous drafts, do that (and then email me when they are “teacher-ready” in our shared drafts folder and I’ll re-evaluate your scores in Skyward).
  4. Everybody:  Think about your booktalk (heck, maybe even do your booktalk – I put an extra copy of the booktalk sheet on yesterday’s webpost).  You’ve got two weeks to do this, but once it’s done, you can check it off your (metaphorical) list.
  5. MORE about multi-genre in the next couple of days (I’ll post video to give you project overview & upload a bunch of examples to check out later in the week) ….for now hakuna matata (no worries).


Rhetoric & Comp:  Hamlet group papers no later than Sun. 3/22 (do some final copyedit, finish up the gaps in research, whatever…get me those awesome papers.  Also, note that this would be a great time to catch up your memory book shorts if you haven’t been writing them.  You already have those handouts (basic assignment on the course syllabus and chapters listed on the memory book paperwork).

English 8: DRAFT#3 was due yesterday “teacher-ready” and we wrote DRAFT#4 in class on Friday.  Finish up either as needed ASAP.  If the lack of papers in your draft folder is affecting your course grade, get them done, email me to let me know, and I can make adjustments.  SPECIAL NOTE FOR ENGLISH 8:  If for any reason you have trouble using MSWord and need to type documents in Google docs, that’s fine for now – just make it happen.  If Dropbox won’t let you upload Googledocs then just email them to me and I’ll figure it out.


**ABOUT OUR DISTANCE/ONLINE LEARNING: (reposted from yesterday)

I plan on posting to the website each school day by 10am.  These posts will have specific directions as to what you might work on that day – for example:  what to do in the notebook, what you should be thinking about, how to work on generating topics, and thinking about what multi-genre is (including looking at many examples of completed projects).  Please check-in here at the website, watch any videos I direct you to either on the larger web or with a flipgrid code (those will be me with quick explanations), and attempt to move forward.  Because this situation is stressful, I don’t plan for you to spend more than 30 minutes on English class any given day, but you should plan to keep up with work so that we can move forward upon return to school.

You can always email with questions and I’ll get back to you and if you prefer face-to-face conversation, I can set up a quick zoom call during school hours. I will work to make this learning accessible for you and to show you what online learning can be.  Who knows?  You might discover that you love this platform and want to take some online courses in college. But, please know, you will only get out of an online opportunity what you put in.

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