English 8 – Thursday, February 20th

Indie read.  BOOK CLUB THURSDAY!  view/make Flipgrid intros, notebook (see bullet points below), discuss, post-it (1 comment 1 question), think about your next target.

Target #1 Notebook Entry:

  • Pick a quote or passage (from target 1 section) – probably 2 or 3 sentences
  • copy it in your notebook verbatim (in quotation marks & note the page #)
  • Why is it significant?
  • How does it fit it? (Who says it and/or when in the story does it happen?  How does it function in the plot or story as a whole?)
  • Why did you choose it?


  • Friday – WRITE CLUB Draft#2 with photo in your Draft folder in Dropbox
  • Next THURSDAY – new BOOK CLUB target & post your 1 comment/1 question on Flipgrid


  • Bring back Field Trip permission forms + $10 asap
  • Tweet about the books you are reading @ReadWarriors.  See the page tab above for details and due dates!

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