English 8 – Wednesday, January 29th

Book talks & Indie read.  Quickwrite #8:  What do you think makes writing “good”?  + Notes from yesterday’s noticing.   WRITE CLUB introduction, procedures, and practice with a sample paper.

Pull up the sample paper (you’ll find it in your Drafts folder) and use MSWord commenting features to make at least 3 comments – 1 positive/potential, 1 readerly question, and 1 “what if…”  suggestion for improvement.

Deadline:  A COMPLETE draft of your indelible moment paper is due in your Drafts folder (in Dropbox) TOMORROW!  (No more in class lab time scheduled, so get this done if it isn’t.)


  • Tweet about the books you are reading @ReadWarriors.  See the page tab above for details and due dates!
  • Return your student release so Mrs. C can record for work on her National Boards

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