Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, January 16th

Book talk & Indie read.  Quickwrite/Notes #11:  Poem (choose 1 of 4)  – “When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny” by Blythe Baird, “The Man” by Taylor Swift, “Friend Zone” by Dylan Garity, or “Can We Autocorrect Humanity?” by Prince EA.  Cited Comentary assignment Part I – think about what you’ve read and start making connections.  Video:  “Research is a Conversation” by Shafer Library.


  • sample student memory books that you can take a look at for the next couple of weeks
  • return your student release so Mrs. C can record for work on her National Boards
  • Office hour passes for the semester – Big projects this semester; seek help when you need it.

This Weekend:

  • “finish” any unfinished QWs from this week (#5 – #11)
  • cite the quotes (MLA in-text citations) you put in your notes – all the videos & articles have links on the previous posts
  • think about cited commentary assignment part I – what connections do you see? what do you think?

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