Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, January 15th

Book talk & Indie read. SWIC Registration Dual Credit paperwork.  Quickwrite/Notes #9:  Article – “I’ve talked with teenage boys abut sexual assault for 20 years.  This is what they still don’t know” by Laurie Halse Anderson. Quickwrite/Notes #10:  Article – 1st hour “Why Are Young Americans Killing Themselves” by Dr. Richard A. Friedman : 2nd hour “The Boys Are Not All Right” by Michael Ian Black : 6th hour “Opinion: My Month Without the Internet” by Diana Wagman.

Quick review/lesson:  Add in-text citations for the quotes you pulled from today’s articles.  Note that to get the page numbers correct, you will need to access the online article and then use the page number from the print view window.


  • sample student memory books that you can take a look at for the next couple of weeks
  • return your student release so Mrs. C can record for work on her National Boards
  • Office hour passes for the semester – Big projects this semester; seek help when you need it.

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