Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, January 14th

Book talk & Indie read.  Quickwrite/Notes #7:  TEDTalk – “Selfies and Seeing Ourselves” – Christina Balch.  Quickwrite/Notes #8:  TEDTalk – 1st & 2nd hour “How to Raise a Black Son in America” by Clint Smith: 6th hour “A Solution to Gun Violence Found in US HIstory” by David Farrell.

Quick review/lesson:  Add in-text citations to the quotes you pulled from essays yesterday in Quickwrites #5 & 6.  Then, learn how to in-text cite the quotes you pulled from videos today in Quickwrites #7 & 8 (2nd hour – this part will be tomorrow).


  • sample student memory books that you can take a look at for the next couple of weeks
  • return your student release so Mrs. C can record for work on her National Boards

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