Multi-Cultural Lit – Friday, December 13th

Read aloud & Indie read.   MG Writing Assign:  review social justice definition & issues, Dear Reader info (see slide below), continued work time

Dear Reader


  • Mrs. C would PREFER your writing by end of the weekend, but firm due date is end of day Monday 12/16! You should have Pieces #1 – 6 and your “Dear Reader” in our shared Dropbox folder.
  • Notebooks collected Monday 12/16

Final Exam:  If you need to take the final (missed more than 4 days and/or have a discipline record this semester).  Wednesday 12/18 from 8am to 10am (we’ll do the kinds of things we do in class, read, write, & think – no studyguide, no memorizing).

GOOD NEWS!! You can still check out books over Winter Break!  Whether you want to finish up whatever you’ve started or check out a couple of extras to read while you have a break from school.  Just return them next semester to room 251.  


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