Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, November 20th

Book talk & Indie read.  Post-It Board Research:  How do you choose what to read? When and where do you read?  A title that was “magic” & a title that was “meh…” Study:  Purpose of Rap?  Rhetorical Analysis – the basics.  Preview assignment & example of annotated deconstruction.

LoveTheWayYouLie RA annotation example

Deadline:  Booktalks start TOMORROW!  Fill out your sheet, record & upload your Flipgrid video, and book talk in-person to the class.

Upcoming:  book talks & then rhetoric of rap papers (after break).

Assignment:  due 12/02/2019

  • Read Everything’s an Argument chapter 6 – “Rhetorical Analysis” and make a notepage in your notebook (just one).
  • Search, discover, locate, print out, and bring rap lyrics that you will be analyzing to class on Monday, December 2nd.

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