Multi-Cultural Lit – Friday, November 8th

Quickwrite #21:  Poet X reactions (if you didn’t do this yesterday).  Book talk & Indie read.  Notes:  Crash Course #40 – What is Justice?

Writing assignment info:  Please update your document names of the pieces you’ve already written to “Piece1.docx” & “Piece2.docx” accordingly.  That way, when you work on “Piece3” & “Piece4” we can keep them all straight in Dropbox.  (Also note – if your papers aren’t really social justice focused, you will want to reconsider them as they won’t fit in work as a whole).


  • This weekend: Flipgrid practice assignment.  Go to (link on the right).  Use code on booktalk sheet & your school email.  Follow directions on flipgrid to upload your video (no longer than 1:30).
  • Piece 3 & 4 of Multi-genre social justice writing (your semester writing project) are due no later than end of day Sunday 11/17.

Upcoming:  “lab” time for writing on Tuesday & Wednesday of next week

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