Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, October 8th

Read aloud & Indie read.  Quickwrite #11:  College app idea development w/ double-entry journal (see Mrs. C for the slide).  Study:  review the trends from yesterday’s sample college app essays.  In Class side-venture:  Letters – learn to write one & imitate a letter to a college (you don’t really have to send it).

For your letter:

  1. Use the example letter as a pattern
  2. Open your submissions folder in Dropbox and work there in MSWord
  3. Write a fictitious (or real) letter to a college (a real college)
  4. Use proper letter format
  5. Name the document “LETTER” and leave it in your submissions folder
  6. If you don’t finish in class, finish tonight on your own

Upcoming:  College App Essays due for WRITE CLUB Friday, Oct. 11 (aka Thursday 11:59pm).  You WILL have lab time in class on Thursday.

Other Info:  Check out the @ReadWarriors tab above for Twitter book recommendation requirements.  I’ll be looking for each of you to have one for October, November, & December.  Details above!

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