Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, October 3rd

Book talk & Indie read.  Quickwrite #9:  “5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your ___________”  Activity:  How to address an envelope.  Reading: “How to Email Your Professor (without being annoying AF)” by Laura Portwood-Stacer.

Supplemental reading about emails:

WRITE CLUB #1 recap:  Nice work yesterday.  Hopefully, it was valuable to read your paper aloud, hear the papers others wrote, get some preliminary feedback, and just get to know your group better.

  1. Make sure EVERY paper you write in here has a title (not the document name, but a real title – you don’t have to use the ones on the memory book sheet either – make them your own).
  2. Keep your Pre-conference sheets (label them with the title of your paper).  Having them at the end of the semester will make your portfolio work easier.
  3. Revise as you’d like.  I won’t be asking you to submit papers for a bit, so now’s your chance to use your group’s feedback and suggestions to improve your writing in glorious ways.

Assignment preview:  Email Mrs. Connolly by Monday morning.  You can ask a legit question or just make something up, but show you know how to write an appropriate email to a professor (not like a text message).

Deadline:  Notebooks collected TOMORROW! (10/4) —- Don’t forget your QW Xtra!

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