Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, September 30th

WRITE CLUB groups!!  Book talk & Indie read.  Meet your WRITE CLUB:  Share what you are reading with your new group members.  Big Moves / Small Moves of “effective” writers:  Read “Cruel As It Is” by Leonard Pitts, Jr. & watch for/ annotate the “moves.”  Context video:  NYTimes watch “Haiti Quake Day 2”

To Do:

  • Read something!
  • Write your paper – it should be in Dropbox in your Drafts folder by classtime tomorrow.

Parameters for Paper #1:

  1. Write EITHER a memory book chapter (any from 1 – 17) OR expand a QW from your writer’s notebook
  2. Type it in MSWord – about 2 pages, double-spaced, TNR12 or Calibri11 are good fonts (directions on format in the MLA tab at top of website)
  3. Follow the document naming instructions on the MLA Format Tab
  4. Upload it later to your Drafts folder in Dropbox

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