Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, September 26th

Banned books video – 7 recommendations from littlebookowl.  Indie read.  Quickwrite #7:  primeval place.   Study:  What makes writing “good”?  take a look at a paper w/ potential and practice helpful feedback techniques.

To Do:

  • Create and share Dropbox folders (If you need to create a separate gmail account for this, go to gmail.com and do so.)
  • Think about paper #1 (deadline Tues., Oct. 1)
  • Keep reading!

Parameters for Paper #1:

  1. Write EITHER a memory book chapter (any from 1 – 17) OR expand a QW from your writer’s notebook
  2. Type it in MSWord – about 2 pages, double-spaced, TNR12 or Calibri11 are good fonts (directions on format in the MLA tab at top of website)
  3. Upload it later to your Drafts folder in Dropbox

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