Multi-Cultural Lit. – Friday, September 20th

Book talk & Indie read.  Quickwrite #5:  Indie read ?s .  Read:  “This Far: Notes on Love and Revolution” by DJ Older from The Fire This Time.   Begin annotations by highlighting 3 spots you thought were thought-provoking or important.

To Do:

  • Reread today’s piece (or really any of this week’s reading) if you need a deeper understaning.  We will be thinking/discussing these works collectively top of next week.
  • Read something awesome!

Dropbox Update:  I still don’t have resolution on getting verifications for email addresses at your school email addresses.  At this point, IF you have another gmail and would like to use it for Dropbox setup, go ahead.  (You can even create a gmail for free for this purpose if you want).  DO NOT sign up using another email server as you will then have problems logging in on the chromebooks, which we will need to do later in the semester.

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