Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, May 9th

Book talk & Indie read.

SWIC 102 program assessment info:  SWIC needs the “best” piece of writing from each student registered in 102 for a general look at this course (not an evaluation of you as a student or of your instructor).  Choose your best piece, remove your name, and put a copy in the 102 Program Folder just shared with you.  (Mrs. C will make sure they get submitted to SWIC).  DO THIS SOON!

Portfolio Information:  Handouts, talk through, (hours 1 & 2 time for work).  Basically, gather your papers (including the very first one you wrote last September), write two letters (one about writing and one about your reading), and pay attention to detail (names of documents, clean copyedit, etc.).  More work time tomorrow.

Memory Book Checklist: to turn in with your book next Wednesday

Hour 6 – Finish Multi-genre Presentations 🙂 Quickwrite #39:  What’s Your Biggest Regret?  Permission & use forms.


  • Turn in your Quotable Mentions (if you haven’t already)
  • Portfolios due end of day May 12th (Sunday)
  • Student book talks (including Flipgrid) due by individual sign-up day
  • Notebooks collected May 14th
  • Memory Book due May 15, NO EXCEPTIONS!

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