Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, April 30th

Book talk & Indie read.  Senior calendar with remaining topics, lessons, & due dates.

Notebook:  Soundtrack writings #1 – 4. #1.  List as many songs as you can that have impacted your life.  Moments, memories, inspirations, people, places, events, favorites, etc.  #2.  Choose one and write about it for 3 minutes. #3.  Again.  #4.  Again.

Memory book intro & overview w/ some examples.


  • MG paper (lastnameFINALMG.pdf) in submissions folder no later than 11:59pm Tuesday, April 30th  TODAY!!
  • MG Presentations – BE READY May 1 TOMORROW
  • Student book talks (including Flipgrid) due by individual sign-up day
  • Memory Book due in class, no exceptions – Wed., May 15th

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