Tips for a Fabulous MG Conference

Rhet-Comp students:

As you prepare for your conference with Mrs. C., check out the following tips for a great (but short) conference.

  1. Show up prepared.  Fill out your pre-conference sheet (it’s part of your score) and have your draft in ONE document if possible (you can still rearrange it later).
  2. Reread the MG FAQs so you don’t ask redundant questions and waste your time asking stuff you could’ve just looked up.
  3. Know what YOU want to ask.  This conference is directed by YOU.  Show your progress, ask questions, get suggestions.
  4. Realize that what you do after the conference is up to YOU.  Make changes or don’t.  Read the “ideal” point for each segment of your paper (required or extra) on the rubric so you know what is expected.

Can’t wait to see what you’ve created. And . . . . go!

With multi-genre madness,

Mrs. C = )

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