Rhetoric & Comp – a note about grades

My Beloved (and maybe panicking) Rhet-Comp students,

The grades entered for multi-genre ideas and multi-genre design are simply for preparedness and completion.  IF you turned in the work when it was due and attempted it in-full, you received all the points.

Some of you discussed ideas in class with your groups that you never put in print form in Dropbox.  I love that you have ideas.  I couldn’t give you these points.

To your benefit, I didn’t even download these at the very moment they were due.  Ideas were due March 26th in class (I downloaded them on the 28th or 29th).  Designs were due April 1st in class (I downloaded them on the 3rd or 4th).

These are small grades (5 and 10 points respectively) in comparison to the bigger scores to come. Other grades that will go in this category including mark #1 completion, mark #2 completiton, one-on-one conference, final product (at least 150 points) and a presentation score.  It will balance out – I promise you this.

-Mrs. C = )

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