English 8 – Friday, February 8th

Book trailers & Indie read.  Quickwrite #11:  3 worst.  A continued look at reviews as a genre – note they can be postitive, negative, or even neutral.  What will you review?  Decide what category your review topic falls in – movie, restaurant, music, video game, etc.  Then search out other reviews of that type (NOT about your specific topic) to check out.

Assignment:  Find 2 reviews of two different “whatevers” in the category you hope to review and send links to them to Mrs. C via email.  Do this by Monday, so we can work with the examples in class.  (Example:  If I think I might want to do a restaurant review of Lascelles, then I should find two restaurant reviews to study (NOT any of Lascelles specifically).  Ideally, I will find a postive review and maybe also a negative review or a neutral one.


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