MCL&R – Friday, October 26th

Book talk & Indie read.  Story:  “The Green Zone Rabbit ” by Hassan Blasim.  Video:  Muslims Read Hate Comments – Facebook original video  Quickwrite #20:  write about the story and/or video – What’s worth talking about here?


  • Book Club target #1 Tuesday, Oct. 30th
    • To All the Boys … ch. 1 – 10
    • The Young Elites to p. 55
    • … Part-time Indian  to p. 43
    • Mexican WhiteBoy  to p. 40
    • The Kite Runner ch. 1 – 6
    • Shadowshaper to p. 40
  • student book talks start MONDAY!
  • quotable mention – see due dates (by alphabet) on the QM page above

BOOK CLUB #2:  It’s commitment time!  What are you reading?  Get a copy ASAP.  See Mrs. C if you have extenuating circumstances.

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