MCL&R – Monday, September 24th

Indie read.  (Xtra:  voter registration for anyone 18 by Nov. 6).  Thought log writing:  pick any of the starters in the front of your logbook, copy it onto the next new page and write about your book club read.  Xtra reading time (SOOO many of you are almost finished with book club books!  We will discuss TOMORROW… one more day to make it happen).

Upcoming:  Paper #1 – What is paper #1 about? For this paper, you will be expanding one of the 11 quickwrites we have written.  What is worth talking about?  What story do you have to tell? What do you feel needs to be said?

*(Yes, you have to write something.  Remember, there aren’t any tests in this course, so this is how you show you are growing as a reader, writer, and thinker.)

Deadline:  This paper should be typed and in your Dropbox WC Drafts folder by classtime on FRIDAY!

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