English 8 – Wednesday, January 31st

Book talk & Indie read.  Don Murray’s “Read Like a Writer” from A Writer Teaches Writing.  Quickwrite #8:  Top 3 lists – list your top 3 movies, tv series, albums, concerts, books, video games.  Critical Review:  Read together a movie review of The Fault in Our Stars.   See what we can notice.  What is the writer doing?

Assignment:  From the 6 reviews provided in class, choose ONE.  Read it.  Then make notes, highlight notices, & analyze what the writer is doing.  Bring this, COMPLETED, to class tomorrow.

Don’t Forget To:  Make adjustments, changes, additions to your papers based on the peer feedback you received in class yesterday.

* If you haven’t uploaded your indelible moment paper for Mrs. C, you need to do so ASAP (like, it’s late, but I still need it!)

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