Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, January 10th

Book talk & Indie read.  Read:  “How School Start Times Affect High-School Athletics” by Alex Putterman from Atlantic.com.  Quickwrite #2:  a 5 – 10 minute reaction/response to the article we read (about a page – be specific and willing to refer to the text).  RLaW:  Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? – Prince EA (video:  Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? – Prince EA )

Extra:  Article “It’s Been an Open Secret All Along” by James Fallows from Atlantic.com.  (read it & keep it)

To Do:

  • Make sure you’ve got “good” notebook entries
  • Clean up our shared Dropbox folder by Friday 1/12.
  • Late homework bonus pass in exchange for Post-It Notes.  Bring them by next Tuesday 1/16.
  • SIUE contest entries to Mrs. C by Monday 2/5.

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